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Oasis Projects

THe Oasis GardeN

Water Bottle Greenhouse

Billions of plastic bottles are discarded each year, polluting our oceans and earth. The Oasis Garden is meant to stimulate reflection (and thus action) upon one's environmental impact, paying particular attention to our Lowcountry waters and roads. The Greenhouse will be a true community structure, built and used by our community. This project emphasizes sustainable design and lifestyle, along with community building, both physically and socially.

The Greenhouse is designed to be modular, so it can be taken apart and shared around the region. We will grow organic plants, fruits, and vegetables using natural sunlight & rainwater. The structure will be composed of a wood frame with plastic bottles, cut and stacked along bamboo poles. Dimensions are 10 feet long by 6.5 feet wide. Various projects have stemmed from the build, such as hammock making, bottle cap stepping stones, rain collection systems and more. The community has been together to create a true oasis. 

"Oasis" was unveiled at the McClellanville Arts Council Recyclism Kid's Show in April 2018. It was next exhibited in the Craft Fair at Piccolo Spoleto Festival in downtown Charleston (see below). In September 2018, our artists traveled with it to local schools and organizations to demonstrate the process, use, and lifestyle implications. The first permanent home for "Oasis" is at our Oak Street Studio in McClellanville, South Carolina.

OASIS Projects

The Oasis Garden and the projects that grew out of it are meant to challenge us all about our use of materials and our reliance on plastics in the modern world. 

We hope that you are inspired to be more aware of plastics consumption through our art project! If you're ready to start making a change in the world, we have provided several projects to get you on a more environmentally friendly path. 

Below, we've provided the full build plans for our Oasis Garden greenhouse so that you can reuse plastic bottles into a space that will help the environment and feed others. We've also included guides on how to upcycle plastic bottles into eye-catching planters, playful flowers and produce, and colorful stepping stones. 

Click on any of the photos below to get more information.

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