Bottle Stepping Stones



  1. Stone Molds

  2. 10lb box of Diamond Crete (1 box makes 5 stones)

  3. Water

  4. Mixing tub (i.e. gallon bucket)

  5. Stir Stick

  6. Vaseline

  7. Additional surface materials (i.e. broken glass, bottle caps, etc)


  1. Clean the additional adornment materials

  2. Mix 2.5 cups of water & 1 box of diamond crete

  3. Thoroughly coat the inside of the molds with vaseline

  4. Places the molds on a dry & level surface

  5. Pour/scrape the crete mix into the molds (leaving about an inch clear to the rim, so don't completely fill)

  6. Carefully insert the additional materials, pushing them into the surface (with all edges covered)

  7. Leave to cure 24 hours

  8. Turn upside to release stone from mold


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