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Bottle Flowers and Produce


Bottle Produce


  1. Plastic bottles

  2. Scissors

  3. Paint (white & various colors)

  4. Paint brushes

  5. Optional: Small piece of material for stem (i.e. plastic, wood, fabric)

  6. Optional: Super glue


  1. Cut 2 bottles about 3/4 the way down (recycle the rest)

  2. Prime the outside of both bottoms with white paint

  3. Paint both halves in the respective fruit/vegetable color

  4. Paint the outside center of one bottom a green/brown color

  5. Close both bottom halves together, with both openings facing each other (like a capsule)

  6. Optional: Paint the small piece of material a green/brown color

  7. Optional: Once dry, glue the small "stem" to the outside center of the bottle



Bottle Flowers


  1. Plastic bottles

  2. Scissors

  3. Paint (white & various colors)

  4. Paint brushes

  5. Optional: Super glue

  6. Optional: Adornment material (i.e. glitter, beads, etc.)


  1. Cut bottle about 3/4 the way down (recycle the rest)

  2. Two Options:

    1. Prime the bottles in white first & then paint it as desiredOR

    2. Paint as desired without prime (color will be slightly transparent)

  3. To create petals, cut the bottle starting at the edge & follow the bottle path towards the bottom. Do this to all of the paths or skip one in between

  4. Optional: Glue in adornment materials as desired


Additional Oasis Projects

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