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Smash Glass Arts is a non-profit organization based in McClellanville, South Carolina. We offer free art experiences with an emphasis on sustainability and community building. Our classes are available to anyone who'd like to get creative in Awendaw, McClellanville, and South Santee.


Our mission is to smash barriers and build relationships between generations and races, using broken, recycled and found materials. The Smash Glass experience is always free of charge in order to reach as many community members as possible.


Classes at Smash Glass Arts include fine art, sewing, photography, guitar, and more. In both our structured classes and our open studio time, we use a S.T.E.A.M approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). ​​

We are working to expand our offerings with additional programs such as carpentry projects, open mic nights, macrame tutorials, pottery demonstrations and more!


At our inception, we operated under the generous support of St. James Santee Episcopal Church for a year. We now rely on grant funding and your donations.

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"Everybody has experienced some level of brokenness in their life - everybody has pieces. Let's sift through the broken remains together and watch as it emerges as something new... something beautiful."

- Melanie Hartnett

- Video by Jenn Drozd -

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